CSL Elite Pedals incl. Loadcell no longer shown in the device Controller

My CSL Elite pedals incl. Loadcell are no longer shown individually in the device controller since yesterday and I can no longer adjust the sensitivity of the brake.

As a result, I have to set the brake saturation to 80 in F1 2020, for example, to get to 100%.

Is the problem known? I have already reinstalled the drivers and unplugged and replugged all plugs once.

About a feedback I would be very grateful.

Greetings from Germany



  • I installed mine 2 days ago and its never shown up in the device controll menu.

    I was wondering how people adjust the brake

  • same here. might have something to do with the windows update. it's not identified as a USB device any more but just connected through wheel base now

  • Do you have manual calibration mode selected?



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