Need Help With UPS

Fanatec shipped my order as four individual boxes, I have today received 3 of the 4 boxes.

i have checked the UPS tracking information and it appears that the 4th box has never left Germany.. it got a scan at Herne Bornig but hasn’t moved from 4th there and the rest of the boxes arrived today.

can some in Fanatec Support please help me.

its the Podium Hub that I’m missing from my Porsche wheel, so basically unusable at the moment...

hopefully can get this sorted quickly so I can get back to racing


  • This is down to UPS and happens frequently. If you want to discuss it with someone you should contact UPS, although in my experience it's a wasted effort - the package will be put back on track and will arrive shortly without any intervention.

    I don't know why Fanatec don't box up the individual boxes into one package - I assume cost.

  • I've never experienced it before so i'm not too sure what to expect.. the UPS site still says that package 4/4 is due on 08/01 so it could turn up tomorrow, but it just seems strange that the parcel has not been scanned since an arrival to a depot in Germany scan.. I'm in the UK

  • You might get lucky and all 4 will turn up tomorrow - sometimes they miss a scan - that happened with my Porsche wheel last month. I had an order last year that was similar but the errant parcel turned up a day later. One thing I know for sure - worrying won't make it arrive any quicker. :-)


    Here's my recent experience with an issue that started in a similar way. Hopefully you won't need it but it's quite helpful.

  • I’m not having any luck with getting a reply from Fanatec, have submitted both the online form and also the standard replying to the shipped email to [email protected]

    UPS now shows ‘attempting to verify package location’ which if anyone has dealt with couriers before knows it’s been completely misplaced never to say daylight again or stolen.

    I’m not barking at Fanatec here, but with UPS the agreement is between UPS and Fanatec to get the parcel delivered to me, if it doesn’t arrive Fanatec should send me a replacement for the Podium Hub in this case that’s been lost.

    how else am I to get hold of Fanatec if they aren’t responding to my emails?

  • Similar experience here. Low percentage of answers to emails and calls. UPS is probably going to slow you down for at least two weeks. You can bypass this time by enforcing your rights as customer, relating to the fact that until the package is delivered, the sender is responsible for the delivery. Send them an e-mail with the request of immediate fulfilling of the obligation as soon as the scheduled delivery date is disregarded. By that moment, Law gives a maximum of 15 days to Fanatec to make sure that you receive your product. I'd suggest to also open a claim with your credit card company, so that if the terms were not respected, the procedure of refund would be much quicker. I know this sounds lunacy but I had to wait almost a month just because I didn't have a complete picture of my rights. Just wait for the scheduled delivery date and wait for nothing more.

  • UPDATE - Random message from UPS this morning to tell me that my package was located in Tamworth but never scanned after arriving at the departure hub in Germany. Just arrived at my door now.

    Can finally now put together my Porsche Podium wheel... oh boy I’m excited!!!

  • This can now be closed if admin wants to remove 😃

  • Told ya! :-)

  • You did indeed, Damn UPS though! The tracking history is so messed up.. no idea how it just arrived

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