CSL Elite Wheelbase with GT Sport and ClubSport Wheel

I think about to buy a ClubSport wheel an I've a question about GT Sport.

Does anybody know if the vibration function in the wheel ist working together with the ABS signal in GT Sport (PS4)? So, do I get feedback if ABS starts working and/or the tires starts locking?


  • Good question. Asking for the same thing


  • Hello,

    I tried it and I realized that the vibration function is linked to the break force only.

    That means there is no real feedback from the game, the vibration is linked with the ABS parameter of the wheel base.

    If ABS is set to 100 the vibration starts when you reach 100% break force with the pedal.

    If ABS is set to 70 the vibration starts when you reach 70%.....

    That was a little bit disappointing to me.

    Another topic is that the vibration is not so strong, you'll hardly feel it during a race and you can almost not differentiate between the other FFB signals.


  • So just some info ahead of time. I am using a Fanatec CSL F1 set i got for x-mas and I’m looking for a setup for a semi aggressive driver on GT Sport. I have no clue what each setting means or does except a couple like FF, SEn, and brF. Can someone please tell me what the other settings do and explain why my wheel vibrates when i turn the wheel a little less than a quarter in each direction at speed. I’m looking for info on these settings. Please explain what they do if you know. drl, FEI, For, SPr, dPr, bLi, and SHo. I’m so confused. I’m very tech savvy and need a good setup. I drive a GT3 most of the time. Either a C7 or AMG GT3.

    I also need to tell you i only have one leg so i cannot drive 2 legged like the pro’s. I’m a solo driver. I usually can get within 1.5 sec of the fastest guys on a lap for qualifying. Thank you.

    Thank you ahea of time for your assistance.

    PS,....... I am loving this so much over my G29. I wish I would of bought this a long time ago.

  • Here is my setup for now. I’m about to put it on my real rig. I wanted to see if this setup would work because it is hard for my to get in and out of my real racing rig with racing seat???

  • Hello,

    I did not get in the setup so deep, because I think that GT sport does not use even use every feature.

    I just changed the break force to 60 sometimes 70, but that depends on your own setup and the stability of the rig.

    The 2nd parameter I changed was the dri to -2/-1.

    There is a nice youtube video which explains every parameter:

    Kind regards


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