Need Power Supply

Does anyone have a spare power supply that will work with a CSL elite V1.1 wheel base.

Mine got flooded during a big storm. I tried to find a place to buy one on Fanatec website

but no luck. I sent a message to the sales dept. several days ago but haven't heard back.

I am in Virginia US , if you have a spare one to sell please email me.



[email protected]


  • This is a great question, I'd like to know i'm covered in case of an issue. mine was making a high pitch tone the other day. it stopped upon unplugging it, but i'd be happy to buy one if needed.

  • You can contact the support or sales team and they will sell you a power supply or replace yours, if it has malfunctions like the high pitched noise.

  • Thanks Guys

    Haven't heard from support yet but hopefully they will contact me soon.

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