Order placed, 4 days passed, email send, no answer

I have made an Order in 4 January, paid by Paypal immediately. In 7th January the order is still in "order is in process" status. Send an email to [email protected] asking for information about my order and nothing. No response, status still the same and my 733€ have leave my bank account 4 days ago. The Shipping/Delivery info in FAQ's says "We strive to ship your order immediately, if the goods are in stock.". The goods were in stock but although the same FAQ's say "Regarding/Concerning any delayed deliveries, we will immediately inform you via e-mail." nothing happen. No answer to my email nor an email about my order in delay. Should I cancel my order? Or keep waiting until... who knows!


  • Same, ordered on January 4th and everything is in stock. No updates since.

  • join the large waiting club mate ….im pretty sure there holding all our money in a account to get the intrest for a few weeks

  • I’m getting no reply as you may have seen... keeping us all waiting!

  • There was the Weekend plus the Bavarian holiday on Monday.

  • At least they should put a message in the webshop saying "Due to weekend and Bavarian holiday there is a small delay in the dispatch of the orders". With this we will not be here posting.

  • And just for you to know, before my order I send an email asking some info about the product and receive the answer to my question 14 hours later. Why they do not the same to my email asking about my order?

  • I ordered on the same day (Jan 4th), DD1 is listed as "ready to ship" but the status is still "order is in process".

    I was hoping to get it this week since my last order was shipped from LA and it only takes a few days...but no idea when this order is coming.

  • My order just now changed to "shipped", waiting on tracking number. It seems like it was just a holiday-related delay.

  • Lucky you, I ordered on Friday still no change in status...

  • I have just received an email from Fanatec, due to Bavarian holiday and inventory management there are a small delay, bla, bla, bla. OK, they justified the delay and my order will be delivered next Monday. Hope this is true or I will cancel my order and forget about Fanatec.

  • Got the same email. It does however say shipped latest on Monday, not delivered!

    While I understand things can always happen, I didn't expect this from such a renowned company. Over a week delivery time for items that are in stock is not something that fits in the current time ;).

  • Yes, I mean shipping not delivered. I expect to have it in the end of the week.

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    You seem to forget that Fanatec is not Amazon... Small company, respecting weekends and (bank) holidays etc.

    There is absolutely no need to brag about an order placed on a Saturday not being shipped the same day... UPS doesn't work on Saturdays either, at least in Germany

  • Yes I agree but they must be more professional, they are not a small company, they belong to a big group and they must organize themselves, I received today a second email to my complain about my order, they should know that my complain has already been answered. Anyway, my order is now in the warehouse to be shipped and, of course I will remain a Fanatec customer. I understand the delay (it was just a small delay) and, as a child (I am 65 years old), when I buy something I want it fast 😉

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    I placed an order for the McLaren GT3 wheel and a wheelbase on December 10th. The McLaren wheel obviously got cancelled so I got the Formula v2 wheel. This wheel has shipped today but my wheelbase still has not been shipped. They do not respond to the contact form, my e-mails and PayPal messaging. What can I do? The status for the order with the McLaren wheel and the wheelbase is also just empty, that has to be a bug right?

  • I have already sent more than one email to [email protected] and always got an answer. The worst was 3 or 4 days after my email.

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    I guess you're lucky then, I haven't gotten any response so far...

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