Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One - DD1 & Forza 7

Hi everyone,

I am ready to make my first purchase with Fanatec.

Would love to hear any feedback regarding the setup I am looking to purchase and also which Steering Wheel & Hub is best for Xbox One, Forza 7, and the Podium DD1 wheelbase as of now.

Noticed that the Podium Hub does not work on Xbox atm, so made it confusing to figure out which steering wheel will actually work on Xbox One with this wheelbase.

Currently ordering the following;

Podium DD1

Inverted v3 Pedals

Shifter & Handbrake

Thank you all for your help! Really really appreciate it.


  • I use a Formula V2 and the new Porsche 911 GT3 Rim (with Button Module Endurance and Advanced Paddle Shiter) on a Universal Hub for Xbox on my Podium DD1 Wheel base. Unfortunately the P-BME is currently NOT useable at Forza Motrorsport 7 (Paddle Shifter do NOT work, a few Buttons and Tuning Menu has strange behave). In addition the latest Beta Driver (V669 / V670) change the sensitifty which makes it impossible to use the Podium DD1 Wheel base for some Xbox games. However, I am confident that Fanatec will fix these issues in the next firmware update.

    I would recommend the Porsche or the R300 wheel with Universal Xbox Hub for Forza Motorsport 7. You can upgrade your wheel (Button Module Endurance, Advanced Paddle Shifter) afterwards.

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