CSL Elite Racing Wheel question - What comes in that bundle

Does the CSL Elite racing wheel [link below] come with Pedals? Every time I add it to my cart, and add the basic 2 pedal CSL elite pedal, They both disappear. Almost as though I cannot purchase them both at the same time. I does not look like the pedal is a part of the wheel purchase but why can't I add them both to my cart?

[CSL elite wheel link]

[CSL elite pedal link]


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    The wheel you linked includes the PS4 P1 wheel and the CSL Elite v1.1 base (also listed in the 'What's included' section on the product page). I ordered the same wheel but with the CSL Elite LC pedals which worked. I tried adding the two products you list but indeed the shopping cart is emptied when adding the pedals, very odd.

    Adding the load cell version still works, the basic pedals don't for some reason.

  • Thanks for the comment Jurgen. Yea I read that "what's included" section too. I thought, there's some underlining issue, or the set must already come with it for them to auto-remove it when added. But thanks for the clarity.

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