2.5 CS and V3 Peddles- If you need support, RUN FAST from this company?

Just replaced my Logitech 920 with the 2.5 CS hub, lid/hat /wheel and V3 peddles about two weeks ago.

So, on Forza 7 using no assists, not even a braking line, the car is starting to automatically slow down in turns and lock up, under steer, and then hesitates before accelerating again.

Any thoughts?

Starting to think I made a mistake in that the support for these products is terrible. I have not been able to get a live person on the phone yet. However, the German location replied back with a phone number, but I was unsuccessfully dialing the number and I do not speak German.


  • Lid, hat and peddles?

    Learn how to work the phone then call support if you need help - or email them. Don't worry about learning how to speak German though, you'll find that the German on the other end speaks better English than you do.

  • Seriously?

    Learn to pull your head out of your ass before you make such assumptions (No, I am not going waste another minute trying to call Germany, sorry).

    Umm, yea buddy, that works well when you get this kind of service---- "we are sorry but do to the corona virus it might take 5-7 days to respond " . After almost two weeks someone finally emailed me asking questions. So I reply, and still no reply back from said company rep.

    As for the so called "Live lobby", that too is a joke as well. Posted up my situation over 5 hours ago and no response.

  • email them. and be nice

  • Or just solve the problem yourself. I'd be surprised if the issue is hardware. I'm guessing it's some kind of incorrect settings - can't say for sure as this is just a rant and has no detail of settings being used and if anything makes the issue worse or better. Still don't understand what lid and hat are? I've work out that peddles are pedals.

  • Been doing online business pretty much sense day 2...this is the worst support and service I have ever dealt with,and its not just once.

  • Have you accidently left AutoBraking enabled? - recheck all your wheel assist settings.

  • Gary,

    Your right, sorry. I am ranting.

    ----So do you want me to post up both the xbox settings and the fanatec?

    I am starting to think it is either the xbox or Forza 7 bc it is so random.

    Owen- As for auto braking, if that is under abs then i know it is not enabled.

    I'll check back later-

  • 628-022 is the software version showing on the top of the wheel (this did not change when I did the recent down load).

    I went to their website, but It is very unclear as to which drivers if any are needed since I am on Xbox, so I picked the 62 bit updates for both my 2.5 hub and V3 peddles.

    I think it is worse now, errrg.

  • Calling Germany in the morning, lol

  • edited August 2020

    Richard after downloading the drivers did you also go on the update tab to update the remaining firmwares for base, wheel and fan?

    +++quote from their website+++

    Latest firmware version

    Please make sure that you update the wheel base firmware with use of our PC driver BEFORE using the device no matter if you will use it on PC or Xbox One. The latest firmware for this product is included into the most recent drivers and cannot be downloaded separately. 



    After installing the Fanatec Driver, open the Fanatec Wheel Properties page to run firmware updates. Open the Properties page again after each firmware update to check for further update prompts, depending on which devices are connected. For example, you may need to update the wheel base, motor, and steering wheel firmwares separately.


    Can you post a picture of the of your Fanatec Wheel Properties window (the update tab).

    Example below

    Also check in game settings.

    In other games (I don't play Forza) seen the same (hesitation on accelarating) when having high TC rate ? In ACC for example high TC is not letting the car accelerate coming out of the corner (so terrible that even if you try to correct an under-steer still goes on and you loose it)

  • Two months later and not only does it have the same issues after reloading drivers and reflash, BUT now the wheel will not even power up!

    Errg, I have a WEC live race to be streamed in about 3 hours and it just quit working, wow.

    I am speechless. Actually I am not speechless, but holding my tongue.

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