Fanatec parts service problems

After dealing with and looking into Fanatec's record, you find that though their products are better than say Thrustmaster, all you are really getting is a better cosmetics for your pig. The pedals, for instance have nice milled plates, but with junk springs and a secondary purchase of a polymer kit only makes them work. The paddle shifters are unreliable and have recommended upgrades at $170, so what is the real or projected cost down the road ? Fanatec is simracer's way of being halfway cheap with themselves. Halfway cheap is when you spend enough to get a upgrade that isn't. I'm really sorry I didn't spend more wisely


  • I am not a Fanny Fanboi by a long way but I think their stuff is better then that. Still think a lot of their stuff is overpriced like the New Porsche GT3 wheel ( but has cheap leather )and say the emergency stop button ( now that scream ripoff ). But have to say very few equip failures here with the major exception of the McLaren Wheel, the shifters were just crazy but I liked the feel of the wheel

  • " a secondary purchase of a polymer kit only makes them work"

    That is of course nonsense. Maybe they make the pedals work better as you would like them to feel, but without them the pedals work perfectly fine.

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