CSL Elite PS4 wheelbase stopped working. Red blinking light 3 orange solid lights.

Anyone have a fix?

I was playing GT Sport and everything was fine. No smells/noises/feelings were abnormal. I switched over to Dirt 4, which worked great earlier that day, and I suddenly had zero FFB. I still could use the buttons on the wheel and the steering input was still recognized and accurate but no resistance from the motor or the road surface changes.

I tried resetting the wheelbase by pushing the power button, letting it sit for a while and turning it back on so it could calibrate and hopefully fix the issue...The wheel stayed stationary and the rev lights went one by one from left to right but stopped in the first 3 orange LED's and stayed solid while the red LED near the power button flashed slowly but constantly.

I have tried opening it up and blowing out what little dust had accumulated, with a can of air. That didnt change anything. I tried holding different buttons down to hopefully reset things but my random button presses did nothing. I tried unplugging the unit from the PS4 USB port and restarting it.

I have researched the issue and everything points to having to send it in for repair or replacement. I am a bit frustrated as I have only owned it for a few months. I have it set mostly with FFB at the highest settings but I dont feel the motor itself gave out. I know what burnt out motors smell like...the entire unit smells neutral.

When I opened up the case and removed the front pannel nothing looked out of place or burned up. I did notice a TON of hot glue all over the connections on some of the motherboards so Fanatec can tell if its been tampered with, seemingly; I dont think it has to do with insulation or keeping the connections plugged in. I dont think this wheelbase has the capability to vibrate those very secure connections loose.

Hope someone can point me in the correct direction. I am VERY financially invested in Fanatec and I don't want this situation to leave a bad taste in my mouth.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Unfortunate however your best option is to open a support ticket while under warranty. I would also avoid opening the unit with the risk of damaging other components.

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