Clubsport Steering Wheel Porsche GT3 R - Does is run with CSL WB?


I couldn't find enough information in the product description.

So my first question is: Does the wheel work with CSL Wheelbase with the hub?

and second: How does the legacy mode look like on the BME? i'm still able to see laptimes?

thank you


  • As it's described in the Webshop description, it's currently only working on Podium DD Bases. A firmware update for the CSW v2.5 is expected in Q1 2020. No other wheel bases mentioned.

    Legacy Mode only shows gear, speed etc like on any other Fanatec wheel. No laptimes, that a ITM exclusive.

  • And further in description :“Compatibility to other Fanatec wheel bases will be added in future firmware updates.

    thats why i‘m asking. Cause i have a CSL Elite WB and i would love to use the wheel. Doesn‘t matter if have to wait for some updates

    thanks so far mate

  • Interesting. On the German Webshop page only CSW v2.5 is mentioned... So, we all have to see what's coming in the next months I guess.

  • Sorry Maurice,

    I find this strange that an employee of Fanatec is guessing about what’s coming and shouldn't you have been informed that the webpages have now been changed. If Fanatec do encounter problems making the PBME compatible with the CSW v2.5 they have covered their ass legally moving forward. Not sure about my case cause I bought mine at release and am still awaiting drivers so that I can use my $300 paper weight.

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    I am not a direct employee of Fanatec regarding hardware and software- I am "just" a Betatester. So, no - I dont neccessary need to know anything, I am not informed about any change on a webshop description at all and I am allowed to also speculate when I dont know things for sure, which was the case where I made that statement a month ago. Now I know that a firmare update is planned indeed for all bases (some with limited Display functionality). No ETA on when to expect the firmware updates to be released though.

  • Again sorry Maurice,

    I assumed you were part of the support team as you are always the first to respond and assist with all questions raised on this forum.

    I now understand why some of my more technical questions and raised frustrations directed to you haven’t been answered.

    I will contact support directly to try and ease my concerns with this PBME and CSW v2.5 compatibility issue.

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    I'm thinking on buying this wheel. Even if all functions are not available on the CSL WB, I just want to know if the buttons, shifter paddles, all the base functions work with the CSL WB and PS4. It does not matter to me if it shows the lap times in the display. Just want to know if it works... If I can use it with the CSL WB and PS4.

    Thanks guys!

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