Formula Carbon vs Formula V2 vs Don't


Need some advice... hope you could help me.

I already have the Forza Bundle (the Forza motorsport wheel), and I was looking for a wheel to use it with the "open" cars and the ones that Use this kind of wheels.

Considering that, both are around 300 + Shipping (I live outside US, so I have to pay another 70 or 80 extra for shipping to home)...


1.- Do they really worth it? (I would have more fun, faster or enjoy much more the experience?)

2.- Does the 70 worth the difference between the Formula Carbon and the V2?

3.- Just stop thinking in this stuff and spend that money in other thing because it would not really affect in anything.... it just looks nice, after a few days you will regret it... that's all (hahaha)

I'm thinking in buying the F1 2019 or the 2020 in the future... right now PC2 and AC...

Help me make a wise choose... please... hahaha



  • I have the F1 2019 blu handle edition.

    I have used it quite a bit on all titles while waiting for the 911 DiY kit and loved it for f1 2019. it totally completed the experience once the buttons and knobs are mapped in a suitable configuration.

    I also have the Advance Paddle Modules attached. Oddly enough they are the secret weapon for Wreckfest, using them properly turned me into a launch monster!

    If open wheelers are your thing you will enjoy it.

    They also have the clubsport features, so u get a lil rumble when supported.

    I give it a πŸ‘ for f1 or open wheel, πŸ‘Žfor rallying and im indifferent as for gt racing . i think i like a donut for that job, but am fine with it in a gt3 or gte.

  • Great!!!


    I bought it... your opinion convinced me.

    I like open wheelers, but with my steering wheel feels strange (I have drive two times an F3 for a few laps... very old-school just a steering wheel and a gearbox).

    I'll be back with my experience...

  • Good job, i too love the realism the different rims and accessories provide.

    Im always drivin the vintage cars assistance off jammin the H-pattern as much as possible, while also pulling the handbrake with SQ in Modern Rallycross.

    Semi-truck Racing, more Dirt Oval and vintage F1 for 2020, Podium hub with Nascar rim are on the radar now.

  • I will try it!!!

    I'm trying to imagine how will be the rumble of the wheel...

  • i play on ps4, Clubsport wheel motors work on most titles and i strongly reccomend wheel upgrades for all, the BMW gt2 is a good way into that @ $300 us.

    for open wheeler fans The f1 v2 with all the switches is almost a must as in f12019 all knobs and switches can be mapped as well as the advanced paddle modules too.

    In my opinion, having any clubsport wheel with the motors feels way better than the csl elite or Xbox p1 rim, obviously when applicable in the title, because all that is dependent on the title and system you use.

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