Podium Paddle shifter not mappable


the 2 smaller shifter paddles are not recognized/mappable. Tested with the property page and they are recognized without any problem.

Using games like Elite Dangerous they can't be mapped, same thing using Joy2Key, pushing the small paddles = no recognition.

Thanks in advance for anybody with an idea :)

Pc Driver: 335

WB FW: 653

WB MW: 30


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    i too have lost some functionality with these upper paddles,

    Previously these were operating the left/right turn signals on gt sport and now they are inoperative.

    Maybe its a Pbme thing or podium hub compatibility issue as i last recall these functional with my F1 2019 rim.

    Whether it be pre or post 353 driver i would have to check the f12019 rim to see if they work.

    The glow of having a round rim again makes it hard for me to go back to the f1.

    Dd1 v353 and etc.

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