Fanatec CSW V2.5 Base Calibration Issue

Does anyone know how to re-calibrate the CSW V2.5 Base.

Back story I had to pull my base apart to replace the Rotation Limiter (Not a fun job btw). Put the wheel back together and now the wheel things the rotation is a lot bigger then 900 degrees and its also inverted somehow.

Wheel Base Firmware is 662

Here is a video of what its doing

Thank you for anyone that can help me. I have also email support about it.


  • Could be that the Hall sensor that tracks the wheel rotation is buggered. Is the main PCBA mounted properly, are there no obstructions between the Hall sensor (the tall black thing in the middle of the board) and the wheel axle (e.g. the main cable coming out of the axle), and is there no grease on the sensor?

  • I am facing a similar problem. Have you solved the problem since then? Please let me know if it is made.

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  • Thanks for your answer!

    The question is, what is the main PCBA?

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    I use the following:

    ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

    ClubSport Pedals V3

    ClubSport steering wheel Formula Black JAPAN

    Xbox One Elite steering wheel CSLP1

    To use these on Windows 10. What are the numbers below respectively normally?

    And where can they be downloaded?

    Driver version: ....

    Base FW version: ....

    Wheel FW version: ....

    Best Regards

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