Fanatec stole from me, a 15 year loyal customer.

Fanatec sold a faulty product in the McLaren GT3 wheel. They took my money and held on to it probably getting interest for about four months. Then they tell me that the wheel is discontinued and they will refund me. They pocket my hundred dollars for the quick release adapter. And then they don't fucking give me the discount as promised on the full price I paid for the V2 rim.

I'm absolutely fucking disgusted that somebody could spend this much time appreciating company and spending this much money over a decade with them to be swindled like this.

At this point I honestly I just want my Goddamn money. And if your feelings get in the way of getting me my money how about telling your shipping people to send me the quick released that you have my money for?

And to think I trumpeted fanatec from The roofs to convince people to buy fanatec all these years I've been championing a company that really doesn't seem to care about the customers.

1. You stole from me by not refunding me the entire amount for the McLaren GT3 Rim that I purchased and waited 3 months for you to tell me that it's discontinued.

2. You sent out a discreet email telling people about discontinued McLaren GT3 rim with an explanation that we would be getting a full refund as you well know that you packaged the quick-release in with the price of the McLaren wheel.

3. Fanatec are very dishonest and have a very complex system set up to avoid having to deal with customers by not having a Direct Customer Care number or an easy way to get with customer support. This is their business model meant to bend customers over and fuck them and not give them the opportunity to get to talk to someone about what's going on.

4. What are you going to do about it?

Feel free to chime in a fanatec bent you over and left you with a smoking Hole too.

Hey fanatec a customer who helped to build your customer base by over a decade of loyal follower ship is asking for help. Can you help me or not?


  • I was thinking this morning, after some frustrating exchanges. Something REALLY needs to be done about the customer service and communication. Thomas needs to make a post, apologize for the state that they are in, and state what they are going to do to change it. A dedicated US based phone number, professionally written responses, not one liners with bad punctuation and grammar, etc.

    I am very close to cancelling my Porsche rim order that i have been yanked around on, and selling my DD1, and going Simucube. I have no complaints about the quality of the product, it works great. I feel like I am supporting a business that doesn’t deserve to be patronized by the enthusiastic fans of this community. Their dishonesty, poor communication, and quite frankly, unacceptable commentary by their CEO at some times, is not a good fit for a community this small, and enthusiastic about their products. There are other, much smaller companies, in this industry who provide levels of customer service so far beyond what Fanatec does its not even funny. Hire more people, get a dedicated support number for US users, and respond with honest, straightforward answers.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Refunds for the McLaren wheel are being handled correctly (as far as I'm aware), so I am confused by the situation you're describing here. I have sent you a PM.

    Thank you for the feedback William, it has been forwarded. Feel free to send me a PM if you wish to discuss this further.

  • Dom I responded to your private message.

    You deleted my part, is due to foul language yet in the p.m. you are claiming ignorance as to what the problem is.

    Again I purchased the McLaren GT3 wheel at full price which was packaged with a quick-release adapter that I did not want. Where is my quick release adapter or as I purchased it as a package and I was forced a refund where is the money for the quick release adapter?

    You sent me a email stating that the cancel pre-orders would be upgraded to the V2 for the same price. You know damn well that I purchased a V2 at full price that is within that time frame. Why I do not see a discount or refund on on the entrie McLaren GT3 wheel kit that was purchased mid-october . So again refund my money for the quick release or send the quick release.

    Are you going to take the time to address me appropriately or is this going to ramp up to videos and making calls to the FTC for Endor because if I have to do it I will Dom.

    Next time read someone's message before you arbitrarily just delete it for foul language obviously passion is behind it Dom.

  • You bought the Mclaren wheel for 250 that includes the QR in that price. They can’t deliver and refund you 250 and send you a option to buy the V2 for 250.

    You are very unclear in what you are having problems with and what goes wrong for you. You talk about that you don’t want the QR, but still you bought the complete package. The wheel without the QR was cheaper at 180. So it’s also not that the QR was for free in the package.

  • Take a breath Vernon - what exactly has happened - your message makes no sense to me and I don't think I'm alone.

    The best way to get things resolved is by being calm and explaining clearly what the issue is. Ranting and swearing might make yiou feel better but it won't help find resolution.

    I'm sure that Fanatec have not stolen from you and if you try communicating with them reasonably I'm sur e you will soon form that view too.

  • Fanatec is a difficult company to work with. I would be completely irate if I had to deal with the same nonsense they're putting you through. I've begun migrating to Accuforce and Simagic and am pretty happy with either. The fanatec dd sits there with old firmware because these guys can't get their act together to release vetted firmware. The customer service that I get with Simagic has been a stark contrast from Fanatec. Faantec's best effort is really next to not trying.


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