i need help.. experts for csl elite ps4

Hi, friends.

I asked this question because I had a problem with my wheel.

My problem is that the blue light flashes when I turn on the wheel base.

This happened while I was getting driver v373.

Currently, my computer doesn't recognize the base itself, and when I turn it on again, it switches to the wheelbase update mode and asks me to update it.

And then you try to update it.

'CSL Elite PS4 Wheel Base detected

Device connected

Default Hex file loading failed'

I can't do anything with this text.

Because of this problem, I've been leaving the equipment unattended for days. Please let me know all the solutions to solve this problem.


I'll upload an additional video on YouTube, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

+ I've repeated the driver reinstallation from 328 to 373 and it's always the same thing.


  • Looks to be a problem with the locale of your OS, unless we've got other folks here with experience, your best bet is to open a support ticket from your product page on your profile and see if the support team has any experience with installing on your version of windows.

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    First of all, uninstall the driver

    restart your PC

    Install the new driver








  • First of all, thank you very much for posting comments.

    I tried everything you told me, but the problem was not solved.

    So I have put my inquiry in the fanatec support team now and will wait for your reply.

    Anyway, thank you very much for helping me.

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    Hi buddy,

    Not an expert but

    EDIT: After watching your video for the gazzilionth time. Have noticed that after the wizzard installation you get a message for the driver package setup, you get a message to restart the computer in order for the driver package to take affect (around 13 second in the video) and you press NO.

    Maybe the problem is there and you also jumping steps (it is crucial to do the correct steps and give it time to get the messages in the up-loader without jumping 1 step forward).

    So let us start from the beginning.

    Don't connect and don't turn on your base.

    Uninstall and delete all relevant files of Fanatec (when you search of Fanatec in all drives you shouldnt be getting any results) ,

    Restart the PC

    Download the driver you want

    Run the installation of the driver you want.

    Restart the PC again

    Connect the base to your PC

    Turn on the base (but don't keep it press long or at 8-10 seconds because pressing will activate the bootloader).

    When you turn on it should be on blue light. Press once to change mode. If I remember correctly after blue it should go to red. If not press one more to go to red)

    When you are in PC mode (light is red for PC mode) and you are using the CSL ELITE + PS4, I think, it should show you 2 profiles (in your video was showing one. (couldnt understand though cause it was in your native language)

    Again make sure you are in PC mode, Red light and not blue.

    Even if one is showing. Double click on the one to mark it, then press properties to open the Fanatec Wheel properties and should take you to this page or similar depending the wheel you are using.

    If you go on the tab that says update then open the upadte the tab and check all the firmware if this are the ones you want.

    And follow the instructions given from the pop up windows or inside the updater or the message logs from there.

    Usually you shouldn't upload the HEX file manually but at least if again you have to do it then you will only have one to choose from which will be the correct combo for the driver you are trying.

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