Fanatec still rocks!

For the second time since becoming a Fanatec customer I have had to contact product support. On both occassions I have been dealt with professionally and efficiently. I am sorry to hear of all the stories of poor customer service, but in my experience that has not been the case. - Just saying.


  • Well. In the 15 years I've been buying Fanatec products, experience with them tells me its only a matter of time before they bend you over and rob you too!

  • Never had any problems and only got advantages in buying Fanatec products like free wheel, free pedals or free quick release in all the years buying from them.

    Also no problems with customer service. They pay for the return label. You get a mail the item is received and a few days after the item was repaired and send back. When I ordered the wrong thing the order was canceled and quickly refunded after a short mail I send to support.

  • Also never had issue with them,

    I had to RMA my CSL elite ps4 wheel, not one single issue during the process (they even called me back on my cell phone to provide me support, what other company does that? come on.. ) and the wheel still working as a charm (finger crossed 😂) since then.

    just my two cents here.. I'm not paid by fanatec to write this post.. 😂

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