Question regarding weight/handling of the Porsche 911 GT3 R

Hi all,

I heard from a friend who owns the BMW GT2 wheel, that he don't like the weight of this rim. Too heavy, not comfortable for fast movements. He has used it on a CSW Base V2.5.

The BMW wheel has a weight of 2120g.


When I look at the new Porsche wheel (911 GT3 R), I cannot see the total weight :-). When I do the math with the single components (Podium Hub, Podium Button Modul Endurance (BME), Podium Advanced Paddle Module (APM) and the rim GT3, I have 2468g in total.

  • Podium Hub: 563g
  • Podium BME: 410g
  • Podium APM: 670g
  • GT3 rim: 825g
  • == 2468g

The GT3 weights 15% more than the GT2.

Question: when I want to use it on a DD2 base, how much granularity and reaction timing, I would loose against my current P1 wheel. Maybe this comparison is a little bit unfair, but I like to hear some pro & cons before I buy the GT3 wheel.

I hope/think that the base adapt reaction times and strength to the attached wheels.

*Please hold back too much speculation :-) Would be nice if somebody who owns a GT2 and a P1 (or similar) can say something about it.*


  • My advice would be don't buy it to use on CSW 2.5. there are no drivers for it at the moment so you will get no advantage from the PBME, although Fanatec gave said they will be able later in the year but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them. If your friend has experienced weight problems on that base with the BMW wheel a heavier wheel would clearly be even worse.

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    The total weight of the Podium Porsche Wheel is around 2175g. On a DD2 the weight seriously doesn't matter at all.

  • Thanks Maurice for clarification.

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