New CSW v2.5 and CSL P1 wheel not working. Please HELP!

So I've had my set-up for just under 2 weeks and from day one it has not worked properly, it keeps disconnecting and switching modes from PC to Xbox while playing in game (F1 2019 - FMS7 - Dirt Rally, pretty much any car game) and the wheel loses all calibration, this is a consent issue and I have not been able to play any game for more than a few moments at a time. 

Over the last few day I have noticed when trying on the Xbox 1X the P1 wheel has a bunch of random numbers on the display that change as I try to play (displayed numbers: 025, 028, 030, 034, 035, 040 etc, not sure what they are). and shortly after I get the controller disconnected message the P1 wheel becomes completely dead and nothing works,

Note: This issue is happening on both my Xbox 1X and PC.

I have changed the driver software as recommended to 346 by technical support . I have also tried using USB 2.0 as I have read on the Fanatec forums that USB 3.0 can cause issues however the problem is still constant. I have also removed any other wireless devices just to make sure they are not a cause of the issue however this has not made a difference.

Outside of game play on the PC. The Fanatec browser window the base keeps disappearing and even when it comes back online the wheel no longer functions!

Also after updating the software I am unable to switch the CSW v2.5 off from the power button.

I have sent videos of all the issues to technical support and have not heard anything from them, to be honest I'm so fed-up wish I never purchased it, what makes it worse I purchased the set for my son's 7th birthday and we have had the products for less than 2 weeks and in that time, it has not functioned properly and the issue as just got worse to a point that there is no reason to even attempt to play. I have a very upset child, and myself am very disappointed that after spending all this money my little boy has not been able to play with his birthday present. 

Please Help!


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