Strange area of low resistance/notch when wheel crossing midline

Hello all.

I just received my brand new Clubsport 2.5 wheel base in the mail yesterday. During setup, I noticed that the longitudinal recess on the output shaft of the wheel base where you slide on the quick release adapter was off center 5-10 degrees to the right. I thought nothing of it initially. However, I noticed that there was resistance to turning the output shaft in either direction from that position. If I turned it some, the wheel would naturally want to settle back to that area 10 degrees clockwise from center when I let go of the wheel. When turning the wheel harder, left and right, I could feel a very defined notch/lump there at that position at two more areas through 900 degree rotation.

These 3 lumps in the resistance of the wheel are present with the wheel powered on or off and within games as well. I tried in assetto corsa and project cars 2 only so far. It feels like slop or "play " in the steering just right of center. I can't imagine this is normal. At this time I'd say my logitech g27 wheel has better feel than this new wheel. I've re-calibrated center point in the driver software with no change in this feeling. Has anyone ever come across anything like this before?


  • Hi Ryan,

    I believe what you are describing is a characteristic of belt-driven wheel bases when the mechanism has been stored in one position for a long period. Due to the high tension of the pulley system, the belt will begin to conform to that particular shape, meaning that you could feel a slight 'hump' during initial use (when the rotation returns to this position). This feeling should disappear over time as you use the device.

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