Wheel Base V2 - different fan noise using different rims?

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Hi guys! I‘m using the wheel base V2 with the Formula Rim V1 for many months now. I‘m quite pleased with that combination.

Yesterday I was able to buy a used CSL McLaren GT3 rim and I notice, that the fans of the wheel base make sigificantly louder noises using the GT3 wheel vs. the F1 wheel. This is when using the same sim (ACC) with the same car on the same track and the same FFB settings.

After the first few laps the fans get really loud with the GT3 wheel. Using the F1 wheel it‘s not that loud.

Is this normal? What‘s the reason for that?


  • The only reason I can think of is that you're driving differently with the McLaren rim, causing more motor heating. I think the diameters of both rims are quite similar?

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    The McLaren wheel is slightly bigger. I can‘t say, that I drive significantly different with it though.

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