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Does anyone know how long it usually takes for support to reply? Been waiting 4 days now to hear something about my faulty csl elite wheel


  • Thomas asked to allow up to 14days with the current limitations. They will respond as soon as they can.

  • They should put that on the no reply email instead of leaving there customers in the dark

  • I think it took about 4-5 days for a case I opened a few weeks ago.

    The good news is, once your case is opened they seem to reply the next day to each additional request.

    Be aware that all support appears to come out of Germany, so if you're really in a hurry and are not in Germany, you may want to wake up super early, and check your inbox and reply - it could save you a 24 hour cycle.

    Also, I've always heard the advice to take a video of the problem and send it to them when you open the case.

    This of course depends on the issue - if you just need help installing a driver, you probably don't need a video, but if you feel there's a product defect and you want a replacement, they'll probably want to see a video as a first step.

    If you've already opened the case, but didn't provide a video, then there's no place to send a video yet, but you should still make one and have it ready to send if asked.

  • I posted a request on 15 August after my DD1 stopped working. I got an initial response after 5 days which were just some links to the manual (telling me things I had already done and explained in my first report) and then haven't heard anything else for 5 days now so it's 10 days and counting.

  • Update on my last comment: I got a response today and the RMA is in process now.

  • And a further update: I got the RMA. I was away from home so it took a few days to ship it back caused by me but once it arrived in the workshop on Tuesday, the repaired unit was sent back on Thursday so only two days for the repair! It s back on the rig now and very pleased.

    All that to say that the support is obviously very busy but once the process starts it is very efficient, at least in my experience.

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