Clubsports Base V1 with Universal Hub wheel stopped working. Help!

The wheel will turn on turn all the way right and then goes left and stops, will not return to center, will not display anything or detect in windows. I can't turn the wheel off by holding the start button. I have to unplug it to turn it off. I have reinstalled drivers. I can get it to flash firmware and it will restart and do the same thing. Please help! Any ideas?


  • Sounds much like the codewheel sensor is broken. You'll need to contact Fanatec support if they agree and if they can send (sell) you a new one.

  • I just had the same thing happen and I have to send it in for RMA. I used it once and then a week later it did what you just described. Be careful if you live in Canada though, they will let you have the fantastic privilege of paying to get it back again once it crosses the border from the USA back into Canada. Not only does your product have a well-known defective component but you get to shell out even more money to get it fixed.

    Now that is how to treat people who shell out hundreds of dollars on a product that is basically broken out of the box.

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