I had unstable driver now I have NOTHING WORKING AT ALL!

I had 353 (Ihave a EBM) that I had to reinstall countless times, and that was very unstable.

I followed Maurice's advice and upgraded to 356, It worked, once, without ITM.

And since I restarted the PC NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!

I followed the instructions, switched usb port, used the repair function, uninstalled from the device manager NOTHING WORKS!

I even uninstalled 356 and reinstalled 353 and NOTHING WORKS.

The driver doesn't recognise the hardware, I have tried EVERY usb port on my brand new PC, I am using the original cable etc so dont come to me with excuses!!!!




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    40 more minutes of problem solving and I found out what is was, this time it was THE DD1 HARDWARE THAT HAD CRASHED!!!! Everything looked normal on the display, the pc recognised that a usb device was plugged in but would'nt turn off, I had to disconnect the power supply!


    This is UNACCEPTABLE! we pay good money for sim racing equipment with software (or firmware in this case) still in ALPHA stage!

    I say, OK FANATEC, give me the equipment with 50% discount and I'll be your beta tester, spending half an hour EVERY DAY reinstalling drivers or solving problems, I'll even send a little report of my troubles (which I do here, for free)

    But I paid my endurance button module and porsche wheel IN FULL, IN NOVEMBER (but I got in january of course) and we are almost in february still operating with wildly unstable beta software AND firmware.

    We know you are making a killing in terms of sales at the moment, but believe you me, there are PLENTY of people like me who have to make time in their busy schedules for a little racing and find it UNACCEPTABLE to spend THOUSANDS on your flagship products to end up spending HOURS doing fucking computer problem solving instead of racing! I cant tell you how many league races I have missed because of fanatec software issues!!!

    You know there are more and more reasonably priced alternatives on the DD scene, keep that in mind!

    If you want to keep a foot in the "hi end" sim racing scene think it is time you deal with this problem, you are loosing credibility by the day!

  • This is the problem with Beta, it is an incomplete solution and use at your own risk. I'm having the same problem with my DD1 not recognizing any of my wheels.

    I'm talking to the Australian Government - Fair Trading Authority about this practice at the moment, as it contravenes warranty laws, if the product becomes unstable or unusable.

  • Consumers need to be protected from the recklessness of companies like Fanatec that put profits ahead of customers particularly when they 1) advertise and sell their products as complete package until you find out the firmwares are unstable 2) don't conduct proper and expeditious follow up with customers struggling to operate their equipment.

    A lot of their problems stem from releasing equipment that is actually not ready to be consumed by the general public. The firmware is technically all in development phase and all pre-beta quality.

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