Am i forced to buy the F1 wheel along with the PS4 compatible DD1 podium base?

I want the PS4 compatible base without the F1 Sony licenced wheel. I want to be able to use a different wheel, but i notice that the Sony stuff is only shown in bundles.

I would like to have the DD1 base to use with a P1 Elite PS4 wheel. Neither of these seems purchasable alone.


  • It is sold as a package. You cannot buy them separately.

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    And you won't be able to use the full torque with CSL Elite stering wheel P1.

    "Note: Podium Series direct drive systems detect CSL Series steering wheels using the simplified quick release, and automatically run at reduced torque (similar output to a ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5)."

  • I bought the bundle, sold the steering wheel and bought me a Formula 1 V2 instead since I can use that on PS, Xbox and PC.

  • I bought the package and had no issue selling the wheel on ebay. I started the bid around 400 dollars free shipping and it got up to 721.00. Which put me at around 1100.00 (which is still WAYYYY TOO EXPENSIVE!) so I ended up paying around the same as a standard non-ps4 DD wheelbase.

    If you can afford it, buy the bundle and sell or trade.

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