DIY Shifter with Fanatec wheel base

Hello, I'm owner of Podium DD1, Podium Hub and Podium Advanced Paddle Module.

I have an old DIY shifter (I don't really need H shifter only simple on/off shifter) and I would like to connect it directly to DD1 base to map shifter and paddles in the 'same' input.

I understand I need a RJ12 connection but I would apreciate somebody could send wiring diagram to connect it:

  • Up shifting
  • Down shfting
  • Ground

Thanks so much for your support.

Kind regards,



  • Hey Marc,

    I was planning to do the same and during my research I came through this which provides what we'd need and more.

    My understanding from it is that given that pin 4 and 5 has internal pull-ups on shifter #2 port, we would only need three wires to the shifter (push, pull and gnd). I'm yet to try this myself though.


    1. GND
    2. low = H-pattern, high = sequential
    3. internally shorted to pin 2
    4. X axis (H-pattern); lever push (sequential)
    5. Y axis (H-pattern); lever pull (sequential)
    6. VCC

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