Clutch not working on CSL Elite LC?

Hello all,

I had recently bought the CSL Elite pedals with the loadcell kit and had changed the brake pedal included with the CSL Elite to be used as a clutch and replaced the foam with a black rubber included in the loadcell kit.

However, my clutch pedal does not register on any game or the function test in the Fanatec software. I checked the connections and everything seems to be in place, and so I'm not sure what the issue is.

Anyone know how I can fix this issue? Thanks in advance.


  • Nevermind, found out that I had pinched and broken the clutch cable. Anyone know if/where I can buy a replacement clutch pedal for the CSL Elite?

  • Contact support for a new potentiometer. That will also include a new cable and should be easily replaceable.

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