iRacing / DD2 inputs stopped mid-corner

Before creating a support call, I was wondering if somebody experienced the following before.

I was driving in the NES last weekend. Upon entering the Nordschleife iRacing stopped receiving inputs from my DD2 wheelbase. In the sim the wheel is locked 90 degrees to the left after turn in, and it stayed there. My wheel went 'berserk', and only turned right with a decent amount of force and without stopping.

I had to press the emergency stop and restart the wheel to get it back to work.

First I thought I lost the car and the weird response was from hitting the inside curb and the rail directly after that (in that case I would expect iRacing to send the weird data), but on my recording it's clear that the problem arises mid corner.

I had the problem with buttons that no longer work twice (once on a McLaren GT3 and once on the Podium Endurance) but this seems to be something completely different. Anyone with an idea?

View: with iRacing controls visible:


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