The dd1 is not decting any hub

The dd1 is not detecting any hub no power to the display on the steering wheel i ask for support last weak not respons ?

maybe someone on the forum has an idea

* ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE (CSW_RUHX)

* Podium Hub (P_HUB_QRA)

Fanatec support is not answers the ticket's ?


  • Support is really backed up.

    Here's what to do/check:

    #1, confirm no bent pins.

    #2, confirm no pins stuck in wheel

    #3, Align wheel and ensure it's seated all the way until the ball bearings click.

    #4, Assuming the stuff above fails, the power transfer module has probably failed, you will need to take a video of this behavior, showing that the wheel is connected and showing the wheel doesn't power up, it might also help to show the DD1 display is showing the pedals icon and not the wheel icon, and finally it might help to show the on screen driver and hit the buttons and show that they aren't registering.

    Have this video ready, when fanatec support gets back to you, they'll want this video, and then will send you an RMA.

  • Get back waiting for days now this is a joke company

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    What drivers you are using.

    Have you gone step by step the process for updating your drivers and firmware?

  • already test it many time's the drive's work on second dd1 from a friend of my. the problem is with dd1 power supply for the wheel hub.

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    Do you have another wheel or can you borrow one from your friend so you can swap and be able to get to the drivers page?

    Or give your wheel to your friend to test and maybe update the hub FW, if he can, through his base and test again to your base?

  • Same story wheel base of him not working on the new dd1 work's his system. firmware is already update to date.

    Fanatec support just need to send out a new dd1 but the people are not at home there.

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    Strange that both yours and your friends have the same issue.

    Understand that language is a barrier and maybe support might also have a problem understanding the issue.

    Guys are you sure you have done all the things correct with the drivers and the firmware ups etc?

    What drivers are you using?

    Can you sent a screenshot fro the drivers application so someone from the forum users can help you until you hear back from support?

  • "Understand that language is a barrier and maybe support might also have a problem understanding the issue." No video was al ready send on tuesday to support still no respons after 3 day's

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