USB Cables For Wheel Base

Hello All,

Totally new to Sim Racing, and must say Keyboard and Mouse is not the way to go! So spent some $$$ on equipment. More on that later.

My question concerns the USB cables that connect to a Win 10 PC. Fanatec included (2) USB cables one being Black and the other one is a Grey Braided cable. The Black cable has a straight plug that connects to the LC controller box, and the Grey Braided one has an L shape connector. Why 2 of these connectors ?

My Fanatec purchases: CSW 2.5 Base, Elite LC Pedals, and the BMW M3 GT2 Wheel.

Also p/u the GT Omega Apex Wheel Stand. "Sim Racing Garage Build and Review" video's sold me on that purchase. I have it assembled with the CSW 2.5 WB mounted. I'm in the process of mounting the pedals w/LC. much more difficult task.

Have yet to find any YouTuber that as submitted their method of mounting the Fanatec CSL LC pedal set on the Pedal Tray of the Apex Wheel Stand. I suspect that if someone was to submitted such a video Fanatec, GT Omega would benefit. As would the one who posted it.

Thank You, and please post . . . I stuck in the mud here. : (


  • The straight-connector cable is for the pedals if you choose to connect them through USB (i.e. not to the wheel base), the L-shape-connector cable is for the wheel base.

  • Remco Van DiJk , Thank You !!!!!

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