Connected with ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 PC, the steering is significantly off center.

At first it worked normally, but suddenly something went wrong.

The problem is that when the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 is connected to the PC, the car cannot go straight unless the steering wheel is turned 45 degrees to the left. Please help me figure out the solution.


  • Did you update the firmware and not reset the wheel center? See the CSW v2.5 Manual on how to reset the wheel center.

  • Even though my CSW2.5 is centered on the steering as shown in the image below, the value is -205 and I can not go straight.

    i did Calibration.

    i still have a probrem.

    Please help someone how to fix it.

  • This is my information!

    Something wrong?


    ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

    ClubSport Pedals V3


    Wheel Base Firmware:664

    Wheel Base Motor Fiemware:22

    Best Regards

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    Reset your wheel centre as Remco Van Dijk linked before follow those directions and it will be fine

  • 実 大谷実 大谷 Member
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    I tried many times as instructed, but the problem did not improve.

    s there any other way?  Is The driver not suitable?

    Best Regards

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    You'll have to describe in more detail how re-calibrating the wheel center does not improve the problem. If you put the physical steering wheel in the centered position and then reset the wheel center (either by the button combination as shown in the manual or by clicking the button in the driver), the position must be set to zero again.

    It is possible that the wheel loses the center position again when using it, but then it's not the same angle all the time which is what you seem to be describing. Please describe exactly what the problem is, and what you see when you reset the wheel center position as described above.

  • Hello

    I send a few photos and videos.

    The video has been uploaded to youtube exclusively.

    I tried various drivers and installed it, but it didn't change. The V3 pedal does not respond. The current driver is back to V328 downloaded from HP.

    The steering is still at -205.

    When you turn the steering wheel to the right, it will move quickly at the end.

    Is it a steering failure? Best Regars

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    I see you pushing the correct buttons to do the wheel center calibration, however you should always do it with the Fanatec Wheel Properties screen open so you can verify that the center was indeed set to zero. The center position calibration is a bit difficult because if you don't press the buttons exactly at the same time, nothing will happen and the center is still not set to zero. Usually it takes me two or three attempts before I get it right and the center position is indeed set to zero.

    So please do try the procedure again with the Fanatec Wheel Properties window open so you can really see the center position being calibrated (set to zero) properly.

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