CSL Elite v1.1 Crashes when trying to Put in xbox mode since V2 rim.

I have recently purchased the Formula v2 wheel for my Csl elite v1.1 base.

I downloaded the required firmware and drivers for the wheel but am unable to use as it crashes my base.

When connected to the pc all buttons and base is showing working fine.

I then connect back to my xbox and try to load the wheel and place it into xbox mode and it crashes.

So I deleted the 336 beta and tried to reinstall and still have the same issues.

Was reading through the forums and have come across people with the same issues.

I have found the only way I can get this to work is.

1.power down xbox and remove power cable.

2. Remove power cable from base.

3.Wait 30 secs before connecting power lead back to xbox.

4.Place power lead back into Base.

5.Switch on base and wait for start up to finish untill brings up wheel firmware number on the wheel display and fanatec logo disappears.

6.Then press mode to switch to xbox (Green light).

7.Then try to switch xbox on with the xbox power button in the wheel. (Doesnt always work).

This is has really frustrated me as I have spent alot of money on something that doesnt work.

I've created a ticket with fanatec support but was wondering if there was anything else I can try whilst awaiting there reply.


  • I have the same problem! Just buy a new csl v1.1 and formula v2 steering for my xbox and everything looks freezing! I have downloaded everything, driver, firmware .... nothing working ! realy desapointed for 1600$ and when you look on the net we can se that we are not only to have probleme like that

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    Very dissapointed with it at the moment.

    I race in several competitive leagues and haven't been able to compete due to this issue.

    I downloaded the 373 beta software in hope that it would work by some miracle but no joy.

    Hopefully someone will have an answer soon for us as this is beyond a joke.

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