Podium PS4 DD1 problems Day 1!

I have owned the Podium wheelbase for 1 day and within the first couple hours of use the wheelbase has switched my pedals around, mid-race 3 different times. The wheelbase has completely disconnected while I was doing an online rally and I went straight off a cliff. The wheelbase has disconnected while in the menus of a game 2 seperate times.

I am very displeased to have paid this much and experience this many problems within hours of hooking this thing up!

The whole reason I bought this damn wheelbase was to replace my CSL Elite wheelbase. The CSL stopped working entirely after 3 months of use. Brand new.

I feel wronged, like I have been shafted but I know these are quality products. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips?

Im currently playing on PS4

V3 Pedals

Clubsport handbrake 1.5

1.5 shifter

BMW GT2 Wheel

Torque key installed

Edit: 5 mins later another pedal swap

Restart the wheelbase then the brake and accelerator pedals would press randomly by themselves.

Restarted the unint again and my pedals started rumbling uncontrollably till I restarted it.

Edit 2: completely disconnected again while in the middle of driving. The car just goes dead and I have to either switch modes (ps4,ps4 comp, etc.) Or restart the base.

This is too much I cant enjoy this setup till its running properly!


  • Which driver are you running?

    You used the new Pedal RJ12 cable which came with the base?

  • I used the new cable and I installed the newest drivers for the unit and then for the motor.

    I dont know if the update covered all the other gear, do I have to update the pedals, wheel rim, shifter and handbrake as well or do you just update the wheelbase?

    The podium wheelbase doesnt disconnect as frequently, I left it running for 4 hours to see if it would disconnect on its own like before. It only disconnected a couple times compared to every 2 mins like it was before. The update helped but the disconnecting randomly is still a problem.

    I ended up driving straight off a cliff for the dirt rally 2.0 esports qualifyer...you only get one chance and I am sad that my run was stolen from me due to a wheel base malfunction...

  • edited August 31

    Still happening.

    Disconnects if I dont touch anything for about a min or 2 and still ocassionally disconnects mid-race.

    Edit: happening back to back again...I thought this shit was done!

    How much more money do I need to shell out to have some working gear from Fanatec?!!!

  • It's been about 1 month since I received my Fanatec DD1 and since the beginning the engine stops working during the race and I have no more strength and sometimes it's all the buttons on the steering wheel that no longer work.

    I am in communication with Fanatec by email and since 1 month they have not found a solution.

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