Never recieved order confirmation from fanatec after making a purchase on friday Jan 31st around 103

Hi, like the title reads I ordered The Fanatec CSL elite from Fanatec on The 32st of January around 1030pm.

After making the purchase I was directed back to Fanatecs website at which I received an Error the page couldn't load. Ok, so I go back to my PayPal account and check my recent transactions and there is it A charge from Endor America Llc for $516.15. Transaction I'd and everything.

So I called my Debit card company and they confirmed that a payment was made as well.

This obviously would normally be just fine because I had every intention to purchase the CSL elite.

I even purchased 10days prior the Loadcell pedal kit with the pedals.

That transaction went through just great and I recieved confirmation as well as update info shipping.

So you can imagine the worry when my purchase does not show up in my profile and I did not receive any confirmation of my purchases from Fanatec.

I've been contacting fanatec through Facebook through Twitter through the email provided by paypal and no answer from anyone on any of these platforms..

I really looked forward to getting this product.

Can someone help me with this please?

U have the transaction I'd info and etc from my paypal account.


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