Csl elite wheelbase lost forcefeedback ps4

My wheelbase is one month old and was working fine.

Turn it off one night, everything working fine, the next day as soon Is start playing realized there was no forcefeedback. No feeling at all.

Also affected the steering angle, now have to turn the wheel much more then at it was.

All the lights work fine, buttons aswell and settings are all the same.

This is playing gran turismo sport on ps4.

With this situation I was thinking that the motor broke or something.

Connected to the pc to make test with fanatec app and all seems fine, forcefeedback test works, steering moves and rattles.

Already opened a ticket with support to see what can be done.

Any of you had this experience?



  • Pawel LopuchPawel Lopuch Member
    edited February 2020

    I have the same issue sience last week,  during the game effects and torque gradually become weeker, maybay overheating (have 1 year csl and no trouble sience last week). Byt its only during multiplay sesion, car lost grip feeling like you driving on ice.

    Fanatec app test everything ok.

    Now I try other engine soft ant see whats happend.

    my settings

    Actually Wheel base and motor soft 699 22

    Settings in game Gran Turismo Sport:

    FF torqe 4

    FF sens 1

    wheel formula carbon tuning menu:


    FF 100

    DRI -1

    FEI 10

    FOR 100





    BRF 30

  • In my case there was no fading to the forcefeedback.

    One day was good, the next didn't had ffb.

    Today was going to film to send to support, everything was back to normal...

    Now just hoping it doesn't happen again.

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