McLaren GT3 wheel has been removed from the Fanatec website

I note this wheel is now discontinued, so what Steering Wheel firmware do I now use? My last one was 8, but I can't find this anymore.

Many thanks.


  • Your last one hopefully was not 8 but 28 or so.

    Just download the latest drivers, it contains firmwares for every steering wheel.

  • I have the latest and still no firmware for the steering wheels as per below:

    PC Driver: 356

    Wheel Base FM: 670

    Wheel base motor FM: 38

    No steering wheel FM included!

  • Then you are most likely already on the newest McLaren firmware because there definitely is the V28 included which would pop-up if you don't have it installed. So you are good to go.

  • Yeah, but for some reason I have absolutely no response from my wheels. I think my Podium DD1 has had it. On Fanalab it comes up blanked out.

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