Average wheel use by sim racers per week for estimated lifespan of wheelbases

It would be interested to see what the average hours per week sim racers put in. I average about 2 hours per day, so 14 hours per week. I have a DD1 which I purchased in April last year (2019) on release, so it will be 12 months old in a few months.

The wheel base looks like it has packed it in as there is no longer wheel input. So just under 800 hours per year, I don't think a direct drive wheel will last much longer than that, due to the excessive forces, particularly without servicing.

I hope I'm wrong, but it's not looking good.

What is everyone else's average per week/year? And, do we think they can sustain the punishment?


  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
    edited February 2020

    Well there's a 5 year warranthy on DD's, so I assume in year 5 it's wise to sell it on Ebay and buy another DD or anything newer. If you use it less it will be working longer, it you use it more it will probably wear out faster but there's warranty for. There's always a change it will break every day.

    That's why people invented warranty cause otherwise you get those Chinese support-replies; ''Too bad for you. Try to fix it yourself''

  • Be very aware of the fact that warranty usually is for fabrication errors. Wear because of heavy use is usually NOT covered by warranty.. (Good reminder that I should check the small print again ;) )

  • We are luck in Australia, as there is a Consumer Law which over rides any warranty if a product is not seen to be providing use for a reasonable amount of time. So if your product is just out of warranty for example and dies, it can be seen that the life span of the product is not reasonable.

  • Mike GannMike Gann Member
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    Well these are servo motors, purpose-built at that, and a servo in a hot warehouse pushing a conveyor belt can be expected to last on average 20,000 hours. That’s a ton more work than your wheel is doing (even if you are a great driver) so if yours is in a clean, cool environment you should see more than 800 in my opinion.

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