endurance module

hi guys, is the PC universal hub compatible with the endurance module from porsche?


  • yes as described in the webshop page.

  • I'd wait for additionnal answers, because i have tried today, and after 3 hours and trials and failures, I have been told on another forum that it is not yet ready.

    I have then put everything back as before, and nothing works well anymore now...

    Im creating a post about that.

    So for my personal experience, I would say NO. It is not compatible. Yet ?

  • it IS compatible with the Hub - point. It is however NOT compatible to your CSW base yet - thats a massive difference.

  • Hey there, sorry to write here but i'm a bit fed up with the ''support'' page.It doesn't work at all, every time i write the subject and the message and try to send , system keeps saying ''write a subject and a message''.Anyone knows what's going on ?

    Anyway here's my problem ;

    I was using the F1 podium DD with the original F1 rim. Since I got the Porsche wheel with the podium button module and after your the update on the system, every time I'm trying to change the brake force settings (BRF), which now is the last setting on the menu everything freeze and I have to push the power button at the back to turn it off. This will happen every single time regardless on which menu I am of the five. 

    It doesn't happen when I'm doing it from my pc program or Fanalab, only when trying to change the brake force (BRF) from the wheel.

    It seems some kind of a bug when I am on the last setting, the BRF, the hall system getting stuck. 

    Also twice in the last week the wheel just got stuck and seemed not working with the PS4 when I was in the middle of a race , it didn't turn off, just stuck and I couldn't press any button even the power button at the back wasn't working , so I had to pull the plug and turn it off. 

    I switched to the Formula wheel and there is no problem at all setting the menu from the wheel. It seems there is a problem with the "podium button module endurance". It feels very slugish when I'm turning that 7-way button to change something and always gets stuck when I am at the end of the menu on BRF setting. 

    I don't know if anyone else is experesing the same problem or something similar with the this button module, which doesn't seem very ''podium''.

  • You have to update your firmwares. Please download software package 1.2 and your issues are fixed.

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