CSW 2.5 Oscillation/Wobble while drifting or countersteering

Hi Everyone,

Just recently purchased and received my CSW2.5 setup,

One of the first things I noticed was intense Oscilation/Wobble while drifting or countersteering.

I have tried 3 different software versions and all came up with the same result.

This happens across all games I have tried; Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and DiRT Rally 2.0.

First used drivers v328, thought that was the issue and upgraded to v347 which didnt help as it kept freezing the properties page, now am on v373. WB Firmware: 674. WB Motor firmware: 22.

I have tried a magnitude of settings ranging from the below and also tried to adjust the FEI, FOR, SPR, DPR and SHO.

FF: 40 to 100

the lower the FF it reduced the overall intesity of the Oscillation but didnt remove it. also make the steering very light and in no way ideal.

DRI: -5 to +3

The lower the DRI setting the Oscillation did reduce but the steering then did not respond to the cars movements while attempting to drift or countersteer.

It did work fine once, and i noticed in the properties page the WB Motor Firmware was 0. after the WB was power cycled and the Firmware was reset back to 22 the Oscillation started again.

Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.




  • Hi Reshay,

    It looks like the kind of normal behaviour that happens when bouncing of the soft limiter. What steering lock (SEN) are you using?

  • Hi Dominic

    This is my settings at the moment and I still get a fair bit of Oscilation.



  • Hi Reshay,

    Perhaps FanaLab is conflicting. Does it have the same behaviour when you exit FanaLab?

    Also what are your in-game settings for AC?

  • Hi Dominic

    Yes still does this while Fanalab is open or closed (Checked the processor tree aswell to make sure it wasnt open in the background) I have also tried different driver versions.

    AC Settings as below

    Gain: 100 (I have tried down to 45%)

    Filter: 0%

    Min Force: 0%

    Effects: All 0%

    Misc: All unticked or off

    Center Boost: 0%

    Center Boost Range: 10%

    Gyro: On

    Gyro Damper: 20%

    Gyro Min Damper: 20%

    this does happen in Projecct Cars as well. I have not tried DiRT Rally 2.0 much but I did notice it in that game too.



  • Gain should not be that high, the signal will be clipping. But if you are seeing the same behaviour at 45, then it must be something else. Project CARS 2 is generally not a good game to troubleshoot with, as the behaviour is so variable between cars and the force feedback can exhibit strange characteristics and oscillation. Also, is the car you're using in that video official content? Mod cars can also behave strangely.

    I suggest you use the Recommended Settings:


    It would be helpful if you create another video. It's very difficult to tell if there is a problem from the first video (because it is normal for the wheel to bounce like that when hitting the soft lock).

  • Hi Dominic

    Thanks for that, I have used the recommended settings and the oscillation is at a minimum, I have had to set the FF to 50% on Fanalab.

    Anything higher and the oscillation is to frustating to deal with.

    I have tested this against a friends CSW v2 and there is no oscillation at any FF or Gain setting in AC.

    I will try and get another video soon.



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