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How can you calibrate the double clutch bit point on this steering wheel?

Is it a half-finished product?

First we take out the product and then add functionality to its features?

Will this functionality be added?

I do not understand this level practice, for a product of this "quality".



  • That's not possible without a Fanatec Button Module like the Button Module Endurance which is compatible with the R300 Rim.

  • Is it a half-finished product, confirmed?

  • Poor answer. And poor description of product.

    But Thanks.

  • It is a strange situation. The R300 is described as allowing advanced clutch bite point mode so the OP raises a valid point that your cursory "no" ignores - that is not helpful and I think paying customers deserve better. If you take a minute to consider this you will realise that the product description is incorrect - it does include the two clutch paddles but it is impossible to set them up.

    I agree with the OP's description of it being half-finished. I think you do too - you acknowledge that the only way to use advanced clutch bite point is to buy an additional module which wasn't even announced when the R300 launched!

    I agree that currently any rim mounted on the Podium hub without the PBME (which has only been available for a little over a month) is a half baked solution. I wanted to buy a Classic 2 and would much rather have had a fully functioning wheel on the Podium hub but I realised that was impossible so reluctantly bought the wheel on the Universal hub instead - that's the only way to get a funky switch.

    At the very least the description should warn that the advanced clutch bite point mode requires an additional purchase, just like there is a warning about the tuning menu not being accessible on Clubsport wheelbases without an additional purchase.

    I sometimes think you guys don't understand what you are selling. If you did these things would be clearly explained on the product pages.

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    • Especially this is my case, I buy an R300, they tell me that I need the module, step by box and the bad luck of being a second-class client and having a club sport 2.5 base is not supported, so nothing is left with a beautiful steering wheel which I can only use the cams, and not even sad buttons work a fantastic 10 for fanatec

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