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How can you calibrate the double clutch bit point on this steering wheel?

Is it a half-finished product?

First we take out the product and then add functionality to its features?

Will this functionality be added?

I do not understand this level practice, for a product of this "quality".



  • That's not possible without a Fanatec Button Module like the Button Module Endurance which is compatible with the R300 Rim.

  • Is it a half-finished product, confirmed?

  • Poor answer. And poor description of product.

    But Thanks.

  • It is a strange situation. The R300 is described as allowing advanced clutch bite point mode so the OP raises a valid point that your cursory "no" ignores - that is not helpful and I think paying customers deserve better. If you take a minute to consider this you will realise that the product description is incorrect - it does include the two clutch paddles but it is impossible to set them up.

    I agree with the OP's description of it being half-finished. I think you do too - you acknowledge that the only way to use advanced clutch bite point is to buy an additional module which wasn't even announced when the R300 launched!

    I agree that currently any rim mounted on the Podium hub without the PBME (which has only been available for a little over a month) is a half baked solution. I wanted to buy a Classic 2 and would much rather have had a fully functioning wheel on the Podium hub but I realised that was impossible so reluctantly bought the wheel on the Universal hub instead - that's the only way to get a funky switch.

    At the very least the description should warn that the advanced clutch bite point mode requires an additional purchase, just like there is a warning about the tuning menu not being accessible on Clubsport wheelbases without an additional purchase.

    I sometimes think you guys don't understand what you are selling. If you did these things would be clearly explained on the product pages.

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    • Especially this is my case, I buy an R300, they tell me that I need the module, step by box and the bad luck of being a second-class client and having a club sport 2.5 base is not supported, so nothing is left with a beautiful steering wheel which I can only use the cams, and not even sad buttons work a fantastic 10 for fanatec

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    Huh, I've been looking to get the Podium R300 wheel, as I don't really need the display and stuff on the PBME (I drive in VR). Without these topics I would not have noticed that some of the essential parts of the the wheel do not work as sold. I actually re-read the website description for the wheel and I still quite can't see where it says that it does not function - English is not my first language, maybe I just don't get it. Still, I think this shows quite bad form from Fanatec.

  • Note: While the Podium Hub is fully supported by our CSL and ClubSport wheel bases, the Podium Button Module Endurance is currently only compatible with the Podium Series direct drive systems. Compatibility to other Fanatec wheel bases will be added in future firmware updates.

  • Aún no te has enterado de lo que queremos decir o más bien no te quieres enterar, preguntamos por el bit point dual clutch y respondes que... manzanas traigo y estas muy buenas.

  • Y ahora vas y lo traduce si quieres y si no pues seguir mirando a otro lado que os va bien.

  • Please post in englisch according to the forum rules

  • I dont need know it. You maybe, try to translate...

  • No, we have forum rules which clearly say to only post in English only. So, please post in English or you won't get an answer.

  • Manzanas traigo.

  • I sell all mi stuff fanatec, maybe you need show more interest from client opinion... is only a observation, try to translate... only 1 minut with Google.... repeat im no need know the client opinión. Thanks.

  • Thanks Maurice, that is something I understand, I have the DD2 so that should not be an issue. My question was regarding the clutch paddles on the Podium R300 wheelsystem. Is it really so that the clutch bite points can not be set with the wheel as such? What is the point of the clutches on the wheel then?

  • That’s indeed not possible because you need a display which the Podium R300 does not have.

  • Thank you, that clarifies the situation. I think you should state more clearly that the clutches do not function fully. There is a note at the bottom of the page that says the tuning menu is not available, but you have to understand Fanatec ecosystem quite well to come to the conclusion that this makes setting up the bite points impossible (which is the real use for dual clutch setup).

  • I just recieved my r300 podium... after much trial and error i can map paddles in some ps4 games but i have not seen any in game settings for clutch “bite point”.. from what i have learned it seems bite point would have to be an option in the game to be able to set it. Its truly on the developers of the games to add this functionality. While i can map the clutch paddles in some games... no bite point... i dont own f1 yet but ill see if the option exists in game settings... as of now i have about 98% functionality with wheel in dirt rally and assetto corsa.

    as far as tuning menu and lack of funky switch... if you have podium button set then i see no reason why fanatec cannot program a button press combo to enter dd1/dd2 wheelbase programming menu... i aslo dont see why once in the menu fanatec cant program paddles to chose left to right and buttons for plus and minus... totally doable... probably in a few hours for any decent programmer. Wether they do that remains to be seen but its a pretty easy way to make r300 owners much happier for no extra cost

  • Clutch Bite Point is a purely hardware function of the APM and has actually nothing to do with the game itself.

    In theory, every game which supports a manual clutch supports that feature.

    However, because the Podium R300 doesnt have a display module, you can not use that function on that wheel at all.

  • After receiving fanatec shifter 1.5 i can indeed tell you that clutch pedal(foot) works perfectly with f1 podium wheel and is unusable with r300 podium wheel.

    maurice can you please tell me what round wheel Will best fit the universal hub so I can use Programming menu and use clutch? Whats the biggest round wheel?

    i cant enjoy the shifter on classic cars in dirt rally with a butterfly wheel.

    Ill buy it... just point me in the right direction please.

  • Im starting to think that direction is pc only and that anybody that thinks they will enjoy their setup on a ps4... what a joke... if you want to play any games on ps4 with a round wheel it appears that the podium series is NOT for you... this is the 2nd wheel setup from fanatec i have bought and still cant use all functions... no wonder why sony didnt want to license to fanatec... fanatec seems to be doing everything in their power to not allow ps4 players to have a full working setup that doesnt involve a stupid butterfly wheel. After spending over $3k to drive... i still have no functioning clutch unless i use f1 wheel. Anybody ever see a rally driver drive with an f1 wheel? Nope... they value their thumbs still attached. I officially give up on fanatecs claims of “ps4 ready”. Stop pretending that this hardware 100% works for ps4... and if it does... how about some VERY , VERY clear labelling on the website so that maurice doesnt have to talk down to all of fanatecs customers... he’s obviously an employee that doesnt have a fanatec badge next to his name in the forums. Either label things extremely clearly or remove the ps4 logo from the site... fanatec has massive negative reviews on high quality products simply because they refuse to help their customers make informed purchases and talk down to customers and potential customers that need help simply with compatibility... im sure maurice will have a snarky reply to a real problem fanatec is having... im waiting.

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    Sony doesn’t want to license to Fanatec? Mhm? What are you talking about?

    For a round rim use the BMW, the 918 RSR or the ClubSport Hub with the R330 or any other round rim, everything is working fine if you use a PS4 licensed (!) wheel base (except BME on CSL Base). Even the Podium R300 with the two button clusters works on PS4 if you are on a recent firmware which introduced PS4 button compatibility.

  • And btw no I am no Fanatec official.

  • I can use and map r300 for ps4 but i bought a shifter to use the pedals. Are you telling me that with the r300 podium i should be able to use my clutch pedal? Or is it impossible to use a clutch pedal of any kind with r300 podium wheel... i dont care about the bite points on the paddles... my clutch pedal does not work with the r300 podium wheel so far as i can tell.... Im using ps4 podium base that came with the f1 wheel Bundle specifically for ps4. When i use the r300 wheel on the podium the clutch pedal stops working... i swap to the f1 wheel the clutch works... back to r300 wheel and i cant use the clutch pedal on my v2 pedals... so far as i can tell all this is licensed ps4... in dirt settings when i press the pedal it registers as a button press but with zero analog slider registering... cant get out of neutral.

  • @maurice and @fanatec... i owe you both an apology.... after a lot of trial and error i have realized it was user error... of course. what else would it be! when the f1 wheel is used the clutch and shifter gears are already mapped... when i swapped to the r300 the gears work without the clutch but when clutch option is added in settings, the gears are not mapped... so the clutch while showing being pressed was not selecting any gears. Once mapped all functions well... there is still no settings for bite point on the wheel clutch but as long as the pedal clutch works im happy

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