Fanatec still disappointing

I was hoping by now that Fanatec would have got it together, but here we are almost 12 months down the track with Podium Wheel Bases that are still operating on unstable Beta software. Fanalab is a good example - it's still rubbish with many of the features not working. Fanatec still do not list correct drivers and firmware on their website and Beta drivers will not be listed on the site and only in the forum, as I believe they will be liable for damages.

Their support is very limited and slow to react. Making it impossible to talk to them. I live in Australia and the service centre is based in Queensland, around 900km away from Sydney.

Let's hope Thrustmaster produce a decent direct drive soon, as their product have always been reliable in my opinion. I had the TS PC Racer and it was brilliant! Wish I kept it as it was just as good as the Podium and wasn't a Direct Drive!

I've been waiting 2 weeks now for a remedy for my bricked DD1. So no racing for me! Looking to return all my Fanatec products after an investigation and complaint to The Department of Fair Trading. ( Fanatec are basically selling hardware that is based on software (Drivers and Firmware) that is unstable and unreliable).



  • While you wait, pick up Simagic M10. Actual steering wheel quick connector too.

  • Ah, good to know.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Soo many unhappy customers right now. I really hope remedies are addressed soon or i will be forced to dispute transactions as being sold equipment that will not work properly. I have. Dd1,phub,bme. I was able to manually put into bootloader and flash 347. This makes it not a brick but doesnt work very well.

  • Driver 347 is no DD driver. If you don't want to use 356 Then 346 is the previous DD driver as 347 has bad FFB noise reported by a lot of users.

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    This is what happens now when i try to contact fanatec support. This is a new problem. I am posting this on all relevant threads in hopes support sees this. The only evidence i have with them admitting there is no working firmware for ALL of their hardware that is still being sold as a working package. I really am trying to be patient because the quality of hardware is best out there so far.

  • Thank you, i will back flash and use 346. It still doesnt work anywhere near as good(when working) as the unstable, bricking, and now worthless v356

  • If the problems with all this unstable firmware and the lack of communication as to new ones (as opposed to popping up on this forum only) continue, I'm seeking a refund.

    I'll see if there is anything we can do as far as a class action, if I can get enough customers coming forward.

  • 347 isn't even on the website! 335 is the official firmware on the website for the DD1 downloads! 356 is a Beta, so just a short-term, delicate dream!

  • Who's spending more waking hours dealing with customer service non sense than actually using and enjoying their equipment? Nobody signed up for this. And for the cost of the equipment and the large margins they're making, there better be a reasonable answer why customer service is beyond lacking.

  • POOR customer support Get your ACT together

  • I agree with the terrible customer support, service and really feel for people who bought the podium products. You all should request a refund now before it's too late. I know I was better off with Thrustmaster and should have kept it all for when the Fanatec crap breaks.

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    @ Cassandra, Richie and "Ih8gm2"

    If you give our community management valid complaints abour your support handling...they might be able to check your case and look for room to improve the situation. But simply complaining that generall, without mentioning a point of complain does not give you or us any chance to improve things.

    If your complaint is rather FW and driver issues...that has been very well received.

  • Maybe if you guys could pick up the phone and talk since I don't have all day long to email. 2 days of emails this could be fixed ten minutes on the phone. Since I spend most my time getting chemo treatments I don't have patience I thought and had high hopes buying a Fanatec wheel never thought that what the price of the product would be such a headache.

    With all the NASCAR drivers joining I racing and all have different rig's but a Fanatec wheel mounted to it. With that being said where's the USA costumer support 7 weeks now since I was able to use my wheel. I even went and bought 2 brand new computers still won't work. So it's not my computer now my warranty will run out or die of cancer first.

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