clutch bite point works on iracing?

I recently acquired a formula v2 steering wheel and consulting the manual I have seen that there is a way to launch the car at the beginning of the race, and a video of fanatec where they say how to do it, but I do not get it.

Can it be done in iracing?

I have the options set in anti stall and I have a v3 pedals connected to the base, I don't know if it influences

Greetings and thank you


  • Yes, that's possible. Just follow the instruction video and make sure you have at least driver 335 installed which is required for the Advanced Paddle Module (assuming you have that?!)

  • Yes, I have the latest version installed, 347

    I don't have the podium paddles but I understood that they were not necessary when reading the manual

  • Well, only the Advanced Paddle Module has two clutch paddles so of course only with that addon the Clutch Bite Point works.

  • ok ok, thank you very much for the answer Maurice , I had not found too much information about it ;)

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