BME not displaying some telemetry data

I have a DD1 with a Fanatec Wheel (BME FW v10) that only displays best lap, last lap, gear and speed from AC.

I would like to get time to car ahead and behind, position, lap number, etc.

Latest drivers and firmware from 2020.02.03-Fanatec_driver_357 (no mistake on driver version) which includes BME FW 10

What do I need to do?



  • edited February 2020

    You need to wait until pages 2-5 are released for the BME and the game needs to support that kind of telemetry data. Which game sends what telemetry data you can see in the included PDF file which comes with the FanaLab download. AC for example does not support car ahead and car behind data which you would find on page 4.

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