Advice on first set-up


as I beginner I want to start-up from scratch so first rig and first wheelbase.

So staring with DD-wheel or CSL...?? Is CSL good enough??

don't want to spend 600€ on CSL and a few months later regretting and spending 2000€ for DD set..thats 600 too much...

i want to do it OK in one time or is DD overkill


  • Hi Claude,

    Can you tell us about what you have played or hope to play?

    Also do you see this as a 100% PC experience, or is console compatibility important?

  • i was planning to start with the console (ps4>>ps5) and maybe PC

    That's why the choice is limited.

  • Hello there, I just wanted to ask something about my product: CSL Elite F1 Set (for PS4). I have been playing for months to PS4 but I just switched to PC. On the Quick Guide says that PC compatibility not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. So what you recommend me to do? Try to use it on PC or no? And if yes, can you give me some tips on how to setup my wheel on PC? I mean, I just can't understand which is my product's correct driver (32 bit v311, 32 bit v 328, 64 bit v 311 or 64bit v328) Can you help me with that too? Thanks a lot for your time guys!!

  • If you have the money go for the dd. I have the dd2 and started on xbox but recently got a pc and its in a different league. If you get assetto corsa with the content manager on pc with a dd wheel base i dont see why you would ever want for anything else. Its fantastic.

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