CSL elite F1 set light buzzing

Hi, so i am not sure if this is normal but i just got my new fanatec CSL elite F1 set bundle a couple of days ago and overall i am really happy with it but today i notice that there is like some really light but constant buzzing on the left side of the wheel. Maybe I didn't notice that before since I am completely new to fanatec hardware and Im getting used to it. The most probable thing i guess is that it is caused by the fan of the wheelbase and there is nothing to worry about but I wanted to ask to make sure if that is perfectly normal or there is something happening in the wheelbase. Overall everything works fine, it is just that strange, very light but constant buzzing.


  • Probably the fan. If it is the same buzz but louder when you have been driving for an hour, it’s the fan, for sure. If not... Then it’s something else.

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