Fanatec CSL elite USB connection point not on the motherboard

Hi guys, was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could help me out. I order a fanatec wheel like a week ago and it arrived on the 25th august. Three days later when playing Project cars 2 with some friends, i had a crash and then my wheel would not let me turn. I unplugged the cable and the same thing would happen. In the morning i discovered that the white port that you plug the USB in was loose in the wheelbase. I tried a few ways to hold it in place but none worked. Now i have found that the connection point has completely come off the motherboard and it is not functioning. If anyone can help me out in any way that would be amazing. The wheelbase was only like 3 days old and i was not even using it that much. I have contacted the support bit of fanatec but i dont know how long that will take to answer.


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