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hi all, ive tried ti contact support using the provided system including photos of my problem but heard nothing back after 3 days ,when you fill in all the details there is no sumit button only a start new support button so pressed this but so far no responce or email to atleast say they have received the email . is this normal ,ive tried to phone but no luck and web chat support seems to have gone


  • I also had the same problems to contacting them

    No good😡

  • It may take some time, but you should get response within 5 working days. If that did not happen, please report back.

  • i sent a further email after 3days ,got an email back to say my ticket could not be found and to create another one , i did this but again no response to second ticket or second email sent ,really poor sevice so far

  • can someone please help me ,filled out the form correctley 3 times but the system will not work there is no submit button to send ticket to support ,i was able to send email and got a response saying no ticket received please try again ,very frustrating i cannot use my rig without a brake pedal, @dom can you help me please

  • ok ,so filled in another ticket and same problem so tried without attaching photos and a message came up to say ,message sent so hopefully this will start the process ,but as we all no photos/video are asked for ,so we will see ,i

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    just to say pedals are now rma procedure ,it took 4 attempts to get the ticket to work and 10 days of emails to get to the point of returning for repair,I think live chat it would have taken 10 minutes c,mon fanatec you can and did do better ,please bring back webchat,it puts me off spending on dd1 till customercare is improved

  • Customer service is really bad!

  • Oh that’s not good. Just bought a DD1 and top Porsche wheel set and there is a fault. Forums can’t help me and i obviously need to get some support or possibly even return it. Have sent a ticket but to hear support is bad has made me very concerned.

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