CSW v1 und CSL elite P1


weiß jemand ob das CSL eilite P1 kompatibel mit der CSW v1 wheelbase ist? Leider ist im Shop die Base nicht unter den kompatiblen bases angegeben!? Da wurde doch an den anschlüssen nichts groß verändert? Andere Lenkräder passen ja auch an alle Basen?


  • Hi.

    Please post all your questions in English according to the forum rules.

    Officially the CSL Elite P1 steering wheel is not compatible with the old CSW V1 because Xbox compatibility can't be assured on that base. PC use SHOULD work, but also not guaranteed.

  • ok will try in english

    i have a problem with my csw v1 and csl P1 wheel!

    is there a firmware which is compatible with these two things? fanatec say it works but the wheelebase only is ok , and when iput the wheel on there is no button where it should be!?

    i read that the wheel should run with firmware 261?

  • fanatec say it runs...but it doesn´t! im very angry with fanatec! would they had say no i would buy another wheel! now i bought this and im absolute unhappy :(

  • I am sure Fanatec did not said it works because compatibility can not be ensured on CSW V1. It's a too old Wheel Base for a too new steering wheel and the CSW V1 is also not listed in the compatibility chart in the Webshop description - with a reason!

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