Hi guys, I have a podium DD1 base with the latest drivers around and the program fanalab, button module and podium hub. When I am playing in assetto corsa PC with recommended settings, in the middle of a race the steering wheel is deactivated alone, I lose control and goodbye race. It is the second time it does it in 2 races, the first time it lasted one hour, the second time in half an hour the steering wheel went crazy. What can be? Any ideas? I am disappointed with the base.


  • The steering wheel loses all the forcefeedback and nothing works except the lights of the steering wheel and the base, when I try to turn off the steering wheel it does not turn off until I unplug it from the current, in the end I will have to return it for the guarantee .. I am super disappointed, 2 races lost in my team for this, I am considering leaving the simracing and everything

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    Yep, I have the exact same problem, but in iRacing. This has happened at least three times since updating to the latest firmware. :-(

    Only solution is to pull the power plug. The power button does nothing.

  • Are both of you running the endurance button plate by any chance? I have had about 6 wheel crashes since installing the button plate and it's drives/firmware.

  • Yep, I'm running the endurence button module. But today ran two races without issues. So seems a bit random?

    Could it be related to the legacy mode on the display? If I remember correctly, all of my crashes were in legacy mode. But I can't swear on it...

  • Hola Roberto,

    yo tengo el mismo problema, todo empezó con pérdidas de dirección ocasionales y luego ya era bloqueo total de la dirección y los pedales que se quedaban acelerando o frenando , dependiendo del momento en que el fallo ocurria...Me lo hacía cada vez más, en todos los simuladores y me puse en contacto con el soporte de fanatec, me dijeron que no lo habían visto nunca y me hicieron probar una serie de cosas a nivel software y hardware para tratar de descartar pero nada, el fallo iba a más, también probé de cambiar cables usb, diferentes conexiones usb del pc, conectar los pedales V3 por separado, el shifter también desconectado pero el fallo seguía ocurriendo...yo creo que es problema electrónico de la base...

    Al final envié la base y ahora la tienen en el SAT para reparar, llevan quince días con el tema desde que la recibieron y todavía no se nada, supongo que estarán buscando el fallo y haciendo pruebas porque sino no entiendo tanto tiempo para reparar, algo han hecho mal porque veo que el tema le pasa a más gente....

    cuando tenga novedades ya comentaré...

    un saludo y paciencia amigo!!


  • Hi, what wheel do you use with the dd1 base? Maybe I have to send dd1 base to the satellite because I am annoyed to talk to fanatec technicians and just try to avoid the issue without solutions to the problems and just ask for videos and proof of their failures and show it in videos, after paying more € 1000 in dd1 base or porsche wheel € 700 .. I am really very disappointed with everything, the support leaves much to be desired, I hope they fix it soon and assume their responsibility as a company repairing what corresponds in time and form.

  • Im using this drivers

    PC DRIVER: 356

    wheel base firmware: 670

    Wheel base Motor Firmware: 38

    Steering wheel Frmware: 9

    Podium Hub Firmware: 2

    It is a pity i cant enjoy this, im fed up of this situation. Im really disappointed, i have spent lot of money for nothing

  • There are lots off problems with dd1 and f1 wheel freezes also.

    Fanatec has no solution or cannot reproduce.

    It's a shame

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