CSR Elite pedals v1 - replacing the brake pedal with a different one?

As a general question really - can the brake pedal with load cell be swapped out for a another accelerator/clutch pedal unit?

After having stripped the pedal unit, cleaned it all up and reconnected the pedals to the frame base - I'm still having intermittent issues with the brake pedal. Conversely, the accelerator and the clutch both work smoothly and with great control.

Ideally, I just want to remove the offending brake pedal completely as the small gains it provides simply are not worth the frustration of having little faith in what happens when that pedal is depressed.

Currently, I have the games enabled with automatic clutch with the Fanatec shifter and using the clutch pedal as a brake. Takes some getting used to and I'd prefer the full three pedal functionality overall.

I take it that these v1 pedals are no longer available from Fanatec directly?


  • I have the v3, but they look quiet similar in design. And i don t know why you couldn t swap them. The only issue could be the length of the cable connector.

    Have you consider just buying a new load cell? The fanatec design makes it trivial to replace them. You have tutorial on youtube.

    Fanatec sell them on there site:

    Or you could buy some on amazon or ebay, for a fraction of the price.

  • Hi Enis,

    Thank you for the feedback on this. I did actually consider both of the potential 'culprits' in this brake pedal issue and bought some replacement items.

    I had the new load cell delivered yesterday and I'm awaiting a set of replacement PU rods to swap out the PU foam for.

    Hopefully one (or both) of these fixes will get the brake pedal working fine again. I've just watched a load-cell swap-out video on YouTube and that seems straight-forward enough.

    Fingers crossed!

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